Smart Metering & Utility Billing

UBILL is a future ready Utility metering solutions from CONNECTME SOLUTIONS providing improved Operational efficiency, reduced operation cost and greater customer experience in metering and billing sector.

UBILL offers wide range of software solutions in metering & billing services

Remote Connectivity & VPN

ConnectME offers remote connectivity solutions with use of wide range of VPN routers that are specifically designed for secure remote connectivity in industrial environments. These routers provide reliable and secure connections to remote devices and networks, allowing for seamless access and control  from a common central location or cloud infrastructure. We setup remote access of your devices & networks anywhere from the world.

Our VPN routers support various strong encryption VPN protocols, such as IPsec, OpenVPN, and L2TP, ensuring compatibility with different network setups to ensure confidentiality and integrity of date transmitter over the network. Additionally, these routers often come with advanced features like firewall protection, NAT, and VLAN support, further enhancing the security and flexibility of remote connectivity solutions.

IoT LoRaWAN solutions

ConnectME specialized in setting up LoRaWAN private network-based solutions. ConnectME had implemented 50+ Private LoRaWAN solutions in GCC for the last 5 years. Solutions covers

Industrial Automation

ConnectME provides complete industrial automation solution. Helps you keep your machine running. Major services are listed below.

Software Solutions

ConnectME offers Custom Software Development Services From Dedicated Developers With Vast Industry-Specific Experience.

Our Custom Software Development Services enable a robust digital transformation for your business. We design and develop tailored-fit solutions to deliver maximal outcomes within your existing technology ecosystem.