Techknave ClampOn BTU / FLOW Meter (TKN202B)

Techknave TKN 202 series Wall-mount Clamp on Ultrasonic BTU/ FLOW meter provides accurate thermal energy and Liquid flow measurements from outside of a pipe. TKN 202 series can be virtually applied to a wide range of pipe sizes and in long-term online measurement. A variety of liquid applications can be accommodated: ultra-pure liquids, portable water, chemicals, raw sewage, reclaimed water, cooling water, river water, plant effluent etc. Due to the non-intrusive nature of the clamp-on technology, there is no pressure drop, no leaks, no risk of contamination, no corrosion, no moving parts and easier and faster installations.

Techknave MBus Smart battery-operated shutoff valve (TKN 2201)

Techknave MBus Shut off valve TKN 2201 is a battery – operated SMART VALVE used for opening and closing the valve through MBus control telegram. TKN 2201 MBus SMART VALVE shall be used in Sub-metering solutions, Building management Applications, Facility management companies for remote disconnection. MBus controller and Valve are segregated units. Techknave Mbus smart valves improve the efficiency, safety, and reliability of various industrial processes, leading to cost savings and better outcomes.

Techknave MBus Switch (TKN 2101)

Techknave MBus switch TKN2101 is MBus slave relay output module with potential free NO/NC contact suitable to operate powered 2 way Shut off valve.  The TKN 2101 MBus switch has on-board terminals for MBus loop & Relay contacts. The Switch unit has internal bistable relay used for opening and closing the valve through MBus control telegram or via manual ON/OFF switch inside the module. MBus switch along with powered valves shall be used in Sub-metering solutions, building management Applications, Facility management companies for remote disconnection of water flow.

Tenant Billing software

UBILL is a future ready Utility metering solutions from CONNECTME SOLUTIONS providing improved Operational efficiency, reduced operation cost and greater customer experience in metering and billing sector.

IBM (Integrated Billing Module) is Windows based desktop application for Automatic Meter reading and Automated Billing of water, gas, heat, cold, electricity and other meters.

UBILL IBM (Integrated Billing Module) is leading tenant billing application for any utility service provider, property manager, water distribution companies, district cooling / heating sub-metering companies or Municipalities – Its ALL in ONE with AMR (Automated Meter reading), Meter Data validation, Invoicing, reporting, accounting, automatic bill mailing, and lot more usable functionality.

Uenergy – Energy Monitoring Software (EMS)

Uenergy – Energy Management & Monitoring Software consolidates all energy into single, easy to use platform that results in energy efficient, sustainable building & facilities.

Energy usage can be tracked and analysed to assess trends over time and to track key performance indicators (KPIs) for sustainable environmentally friendly buildings.

Umanage – Maintenance Management Software

Umanage  – Maintenance Management Software is a web-based tool designed to help organizations manage their maintenance operations more efficiently. Umanage provides a centralized system for managing maintenance activities , assets, and inventor allowing organizations to improve maintenance efficiency, reduce downtime and minimize spendings.

Umanage typically features work order management, preventive maintenance scheduling, asset management, inventory management, reporting and analytical and mobile access. Umanage integrate with other systems to streamline maintenance operations and reduce manual data entry.

Uconnect MBUS Master (U2601)

M- Bus Level Converter is dedicated to convert M-Bus signal to RS232/ RS485/TCP- IP and vice versa. Up to 250 M-Bus devices can be connected to M-Bus Level Converter.

Order Code

  1. U2601 – S125
  2. U2601 – S250
  3. U2601T – TCP
  4. U2301 MB
Serial to TCP Convertors

U2301 – Modbus Serial to TCP Gateway

U2301 Modbus Serial to Ethernet Gateway will expand your Data communication over Modbus serial networks to Ethernet / LAN with Secure and two-way communication.

U2301 T - Serial to TCP Gateway (Transparent)

U2301T Serial to Ethernet Gateway will expand your Data communication over wired networks by Ethernet / LAN Gateway with Secure and two-way communication, without in-depth knowledge of Protocol Concepts.

U2301 TM – MBus Serial to TCP Gateway

U2301TM MBus Serial to Ethernet Gateway will expand your Data communication over MBus master serial networks to Ethernet / LAN with Secure and two-way communication.

4G Cloud Gateways

Our smart UC420M Modbus RTU to 4G PRO Gateway with fall back to (GPRS/2G/3G/4G/LTE) Network will expand your Data communication over wireless networks with Secure and two-way communication. The device can collect data from a variety of Modbus Slaves, Sensors, industrial machines, IO data are sent to the centralized server or cloud server. The gateway supports multiple protocols like TCP / Http / MQTT with SSL mode. We can do the configuration by PC Utility or SMS or Server IP Commands and all parameters are remotely configurable. Plug and Play help greatly reduce the prototype development life cycle and provide developers and solution integrators. The easy transition of Wired Network to Wireless Communication using Modbus RTU to 4G Gateway with a simple and cost-effective solution.

Easy to connect single or multiple any standard Modbus slaves and configure selected Modbus registers. Assure no data loss at any condition because of Our Connect Me Proprietary RTOS and inbuilt Intelligent Logger system will take priority tasks.


ConnectME specialized in setting up LoRaWAN private network-based solutions. ConnectME had implemented 50+ Private LoRaWAN solutions in GCC for the last 5 years. Solutions covers

Remote Connectivity VPN gateways / Routers

ConnectME team specialized on VPN routers and Gateways for remote monitoring for various assets, easy to use technology eliminates the cost, complexity and cybersecurity risks in creating operational network.

We provide IT infrastructure services for Central command center / Cloud Command server to establish secure connectivity to Buildings / Pumping stations / Irrigation networks / Energy Transfer Stations / Lift Sewage stations / Gas distribution stations / ATMs / Telecom towers  and various other Remote assets/ equipment’s.